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Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing TradeMints.com: FREE to Buy, Sell or Trade JewelMint, StyleMint, ShoeMint, etc!

TradeMints is a new take on an old concept! TradeMint's is a place for all mint-enthusiasts to buy, sell, or trade mint brands in a fun online storefront setting without having to pay listing or final value fees.

You may list your JewelMint, StyleMint, BeautyMint, ShoeMint, and HomeMint items and upload your own photos directly on the site. Your item(s) will then be featured on site site by brand and by category for potential buyers to browse, add to their watch list, or purchase!

Click here to learn more about buying or here to add your listing now!

Additionally, all current listings will be featured in a blog post every Sunday evening on JewelsAndMints.com to further highlight your items for sale or trade!

How It Works
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xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!

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