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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mint-Spiration: JewelMint's Bronze Zip Bangle + Glint & Gleam Jeweled Leather Mint Wraps

Today I broke out my JewelMint Bronze Zip Bangle and I've paired it with my two new Sparkling Jewel Leather Cuffs from ShopLately! The Bronze and Silver Zip Bangles are quite large on my small wrists, but it works out perfectly for me when I wear a smaller bracelet with it - just to help keep it from moving all around. In this case, I'm wearing the Bronze Zip between the two jeweled wraps.

Why I love this combination: 
The Bronze Zip Bangle is a classic bangle with a modern twist. Paired with two pretty jeweled leather cuffs - in an appropriate mint color - is a unique way to make a simple piece stand out with a little pop of color.

In this photo:
Glint & Gleam Sparkling Jewel Leather Wraps from ShopLately, $14 each
JewelMint Bronze Zip Bangle from JewelMint.com, $29.99

xoxo, Lily
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