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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Weekly JewelMint + TradeMints Exchange: Looking To Buy, Sell or Trade!

 Photos: JewelMint

Preface: This post is a weekly recap of all the available pieces currently listed for sale and/or trade on TradeMints.com. You may also comment below with pieces you are looking to find!

Looking to buy: In the comments section below, please feel free to list the pieces you wish to purchase! Facebook commenting on this blog will be available soon - check back shortly!

Looking to sell and/or trade: Add your listing here on TradeMints.com for free and to have it automatically featured here each week for as long as it's available!

Current TradeMints listings for sale and/or trade:

Lost Treasure Bracelet, $20
Mod World Bangles, $15 or best offer or trade
Humanity Wish Bracelet, $19.99
Mesh Marvel Bracelet, $45
New Heights Bracelet, $45
Santa Fe Sunset Bracelet, $27 
Silver Zip Bracelet, $29.99 or best offer

Brixton Earrings, $37 or best offer
On The Fringe Earrings, $45
Oyster Earrings, $37 or best offer
Rio Bravo Earrings, $45 

Avalon Collar Necklace, $25
Pomander Pendant, $40
Lunar Blue Necklace, $32
Desert Rose Necklace, $25 or best offer or trade
Hayden Necklace, $20 or trade
Le Beau Necklace, $69.99 or best offer
Pin Up Necklace, $42 or best offer
Setting Sun Necklace, $45
Unlock My Heart Necklace, $27 or best offer

New Wave Ring Size 6, $30
Love Rings Size 7, $25 or best offer or trade
Aqua Bomb Ring Size 6, $30

Cinema Americano Bracelet + Ever Frost Ring Size 6, $69.99 or best offer

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xoxo, Lily
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