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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace - Product Review


 Photos & Video: JewelMint

Flower Power Necklace

This white lacquer necklace features smoothe white beads, a cute butterfly charm, and a floral pendant. An ultimate statement in hippie luxe, layer this piece over a tank and jeans for those stylish off-duty days.

Wear this with: a cream-colored flowy dress.
Perfect for: lounging at the beach.
Inspired by: warm summer days.

Release date:
Click here to see this on JewelMint's website.

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  1. I love this necklace; it is so unique and vintagey.

  2. i really liked the idea of this necklace but it wouldn't lie flat on my neck. it was also too low and it disappeared into my cleavage. but otherwise a great piece. i can't say its a terrible piece just because it didn't work for me but i loved it all the same


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