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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JewelMint Pharaoh Bracelets - Product Review


 Photos & Video: JewelMint

Pharaoh Bracelets

Play effortlessly cool with these double gold woven stackable bracelets with crystal balls. 2-1/4" diameter with an elastic inner band for some stretch.

Wear this with: a gold dress.
Perfect for: transitioning from day to night.
Inspired by: ancient Egyptian jewelry.

Release date:
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  1. beautiful gold bracelets but the quality is just ok. they are only tied together with stretchy string. it hasn't come apart yet and i suppose it could be easily restrung but still could do a better job. also, some of crystals on the silver balls have come off too.... but still beautiful bracelets, go great with serpentine

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