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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The "Mints" Calendar: Upcoming Events

Weekly Happenings:

Upcoming JewelMint & StyleMint Events:
July 31st @ 10pm - 12:30am PST

August 1st @ Midnight
JewelMint & StyleMint's August Collection

Past Events:
June 30th @ 10pm - 12:30am PST

July 1st @ 12:00am 
JewelMint's July Collection Debut & StyleMint's Official Website Launch

June 21st @ 5pm - 7pm PST
JewelMint's Summer Solstice Twitter Party - Hosted by JewelMint, Cher Coulter, and celebrity makeup artist Andre Sarmiento

May 31st @ 9pm - 12am PST
JewelMint Twitter Party & Giveaway (JewelMint's June Collection) - Hosted by JewelMint & JewelsAndMints.com

April 30th @ 10:30pm - 12:30am PST
JewelMint Twitter Party & Chat (JewelMint's May Collection) - Hosted by JewelsAndMints.com

Jewelmint Sweetheart Ring Review

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for visiting my new blog called Jewels & Mints! I'm so very excited to be doing this blog completely devoted to one of my favorite jewelry lines called Jewelmint. I've recently fallen for this new line of jewelry designed by best friend duo Kate Bosworth and award-winning stylist Cher Coulter.

I've purchased many pieces from Jewelmint and I've been absolutely amazed with the quality and versatility that I couldn't help but want to do a brand-focused blog solely completely aimed at this line.

For those new to Jewelmint, here's a small summary of how it works...

Signing up is a breeze. You simply enter your information and take a small style quiz (here at jewelmint.com) that allows Jewelmint to focus on your style. With this information they create a style profile that chooses the jewelry it believes you would enjoy based off of your style profile answers. What's more, you can also opt to view the entire collection for pieces that didn't make the suggestion list.

At the beginning of each month (see Jewelmint's website for details), you can either choose to pay for a jewelry credit of $29.99 or opt out for the month. Even if you decide to pass at the beginning of the month, you can still purchase any piece you want at any time for $29.99 each.

Here's the best part, Jewelmint releases new collections on the 1st of every month! And, you can still purchase items from past collections as long as they're not completely sold-out.

Another thing I LOVE about Jewelmint? They sometimes even send out promo codes via email to those who are already signed-up.

That's pretty much Jewelmint in a nutshell. If you have any questions about the site their customer service team is amazing and they're always helpful.

As for my new blog, I'm not affiliated with Jewelmint in any way. I'm not compensated by Jewelmint for these reviews and all opinions are my own. I'm just a girl in love with a jewelry brand who just wants to share my gorgeous Jewelmint findings with you!

My first review is of the Sweetheart Ring that I purchased awhile ago and is sadly currently sold-out. However, Jewelmint sometimes re-releases popular items so I wouldn't be surprised if it came back in stock.

Jewelmints rings are currently available in sizes 6-8.

Photos: Jewelmint.com
Sweetheart Ring
Ever so sweet, this soft brushed gold plated ring houses a perfect heart accented with tiny clear crystals. As Seen On: Kate Bosworth at the 2011 Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Awards during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Wear this with: a fun, flirty red mini dress.
Perfect for: looking glamourous, yet approachable. 
Inspired by: a charm Cher spotted in London.

Click here to see this ring on Jewelmint.com.

This was my first ring purchased from Jewelmint and as you can tell from the photos on my blog, it is one of my favorite pieces. When I received my first item from Jewelmint, I was immediately impressed with the quality of not only the jewelry itself, but by the quality of the packaging. You can tell a lot about a brand by little details such as the magnetized box closure, the little note about your item from Kate & Cher, and in some cases the little pouch that certain items come packaged in within the box itself.

As for this sweetheart ring itself, you can see the tiny details that went into the creation of it. The golden heart accent is perfectly brushed. The understated crystals that adorn the heart and band itself add the perfect amount of sparkle. The etching in the band is intricate, and the little "bamboo" band accents make this ring sweetly casual!

I love wearing this ring on my middle finger as seen on Kate Bosworth in one of the photos above. I
literally cannot go out of the house wearing this without receiving compliments and without someone asking me where I got it from. This ring definitely has me hooked to the Jewelmint brand. Please stay-tuned for more Jewelmint reviews to come!

And don't forget! Jewelmint's new collection is released tonight at midnight (April 1st)!! Can't wait! For those new to Jewelmint, you can sign up here at jewelmint.com!

Enjoy my mini-review video!

xoxo Lily

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