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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The "Mints" Calendar: Upcoming Events

Weekly Happenings:

Upcoming JewelMint & StyleMint Events:
July 31st @ 10pm - 12:30am PST

August 1st @ Midnight
JewelMint & StyleMint's August Collection

Past Events:
June 30th @ 10pm - 12:30am PST

July 1st @ 12:00am 
JewelMint's July Collection Debut & StyleMint's Official Website Launch

June 21st @ 5pm - 7pm PST
JewelMint's Summer Solstice Twitter Party - Hosted by JewelMint, Cher Coulter, and celebrity makeup artist Andre Sarmiento

May 31st @ 9pm - 12am PST
JewelMint Twitter Party & Giveaway (JewelMint's June Collection) - Hosted by JewelMint & JewelsAndMints.com

April 30th @ 10:30pm - 12:30am PST
JewelMint Twitter Party & Chat (JewelMint's May Collection) - Hosted by JewelsAndMints.com

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