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Friday, April 1, 2011

Jewelmint's April Collection & Lily's Favorites

It's April and Jewelmint just released their April 2011 collection online as of midnight! Here is a rundown of the new gorgeous pieces broken down into categories...


Forever Yours Bracelet (here)

Sixties Revival Bracelet (here)

Havana Nights Bracelet (here)

West Elm Bracelet (here)

Rachel Earrings (here)

 Manhattan Earrings (here)

Chain Reaction Earrings (here)
Rio Bravo Earrings (here)


Nordic Treasure Necklace (here)

Romantic Pine Necklace (here)

Necklace & Ring Set
Cosmic Fusion Set (here

Water Lily Ring (here)

I think I squealed with joy when I saw the Forever Yours Bracelet and Rachel Earrings at the top of my showroom list. Further down I realized a little ring I'm personally in love with for more than just its cute design...the Water Lily Ring. Like I said in this tweet, it has my name all over it!  ;-) I think this ring would have been irresistible in gold too. *hint hint* Jewelmint.

I love that Jewlmint has decided to do a necklace and ring set this go around that still remains at $29.99 price point for the duo and I really hope to see more of these sets in the future.

As for the Forever Yours Bracelet. I'm personally purchasing this for the sole purpose of engraving the names of my children in the two ID tag charms and the name of my hubby on the back of the flower (that is if the Jewelmint logo isn't on the back of it).

The Rachel Earrings are to die for! Understated and simply gorgeous. These are going to sell quickly, I can feel it!

My next choices are the Manhattan Earrings and the Sixties Revival Bracelet. I can never resist a nice set of hoop earrings and a unique chunky bracelet!

Which items are you purchasing this month???

xoxo Lily


  1. I actually didn't purchased any from this month but went back to previous months and purchased the Coachella Chain, the Mumbai Bracelet (got it when I noticed the glitch when it said sold out even though it wasn't) and my Charleston Earrings and Ganesh Earrings should be here tomorrow. I also traded with other users and snatched the Antoinette Necklace (which i LOVE!) and the Poseidon Disk. I'm going crazy this month!

  2. I LOVE the Mumbai bracelet, I'll be doing my review on this soon! I too noticed a lot of people trading on Jewelmint's website lately so I'm thinking of doing a trade post to help everyone find things they either missed or want. If you have any photos of you wearing any of your gorgeous pieces that you would like to share, send them to me at jewelsandmints@gmail.com and I can include it in my "As seen on Jewelmint Fans" post coming soon. Thanks Amanda!

  3. I agree with you on Jewelmint making the Water Lily Ring in gold,i would totally get it! and getting your kids name engraved on the bracelet is such a great idea <3


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