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Monday, June 13, 2011

The JewelMint Archive (Details, Ratings, and Reviews) is Complete!!!

When I started this blog, one of my main objectives was to have a section where everyone can find older items from JewelMint - an archive of sorts. I'm a little bit of a hoarder in the sense that I wanted to have all the JewelMint items I could possibly have in my showroom, all the time!! A little while ago, I then realized that anyone can only save up to 40 items in their favorites section within their JewelMint account.

It was absolutely a matter of life or death that I create a place to have access to all the items JewelMint has ever had to offer (past and present). :-)

I brainstormed a little and decided that while JewelMint has well over 100 pieces they've offered since inception, I was up for the task of compiling it all and sharing with you!

My "JewelMint Archive: Details, Ratings, Reviews" section (permanently linked in the header tab at the top of my blog) is now complete!! I have compiled all the information about each individual product - including videos - and adding a star rating system for everyone to participate. In order to make things easier to reference, I've also added mini product thumbnails next to the names into this section so that you can see the item prior to clicking on it and all items are arranged alphabetically. Use the designated alphabet letters to toggle between the alphabet system and the top of the page.

Please feel free to start reviewing and searching for more information about every JewelMint piece ever made! All future JewelMint items will continue to be added. I also want to give a huge thank you to those who have already began reviewing! Also, please let me know if there is an item I may have missed on the list or if just to give me any feedback regarding this section and your thoughts!

I really do hope this section helps everyone when referencing past, present, and future JewelMint items!

xoxo, Lily


  1. Lily - this is so awesome! Thanks so much. My daughter started whining about my having too many JM pieces (as if you can have too many) and that she couldn't keep track of what I have. So, thanks to your archive, I was able to easily download photos of all the pieces I owned and put it into a photoalbum/reference book. Plus, I also printed a contact sheet (with names) that I will post in a prominent place in both our closets! Thanks again for being such an inspirational JM guru.

  2. great job lily!! one suggestion would be to add the month of original release for each piece!


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