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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JewelMint Restock Alert: The Poseidon Disc Necklace, Romantic Pine Pendant, Marrakesh Earrings & Aqua Bomb Ring!

Photos: Jewelmint

Holy restock Tuesday!! JewelMint just re-released some of the most popular items we've been longing for!! The Poseidon Disc Necklace, the Romantic Pine Pendant, the Aqua Bomb Ring (which has been restocked a few times now and currently listed as almost sold out), and the Marrakesh Earrings (almost sold out) are all back and waiting for us!

Which did you pick up in today's restock??

xoxo, Lily
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P.S. The Western Dream Earrings and the Charleston Earrings (thanks Kristin!) made a brief appearance this morning, but didn't stick around long as they sold out almost right away.


  1. I picked up the Charleston, but sadly missed out on the Western Dream earrings :(

  2. You'll love the Charleston's...they're classic!! Did you see Kate wearing them in the Cotton Commercial??? Makes me love them even more with how Cher styled them!

    I think a lot of people missed the Western Dream Earrings, they'll have to bring these back sometime I'm sure! Who knows when though :(

  3. Grabbed the Poseidon Disc necklace before it was gone! Hopefully the Sweetheart ring is coming up soon!

  4. Completely agree with Bridget!!! Got the Poseidon necklace but only have eyes for the Sweetheart now!

  5. Grabbed the charlestons and marrakesh but somehow missed western dreams!!! :(


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