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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JewelMint Windsor Set - Product Review


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Windsor Set

Get caught up in a modern fashion fairytale with this elegant duo! Our regal, crystal-embellished earrings feature enchanting locket charms for small photos. Match our 2 ¾” pair of earrings with this silver-plated bracelet. The 7 ½” design is set with a glass stone, and fastens with a spring ring clasp. Wear them together or apart and reign in fine style!

Wear this with: vintage blouses with high necklines and billowy sleeves.
Perfect for: adding a little romance to your summer look.
Inspired by: a Victorian bracelet Kate found.

Release date: June 1, 2011
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  1. these are great pieces both of these. the bracelet seems a little cheap but i think its just super delicate and light. a little tarnished but i like it like that because it seems antique. the earrings are awesome too. beautiful with the line of crystals at the top. look very similar to the earrings rose is wearing in titanic when jack and her are on the deck and jack is teaching her to spit

  2. I bought this set because I loved the earring when I saw them. I just thought about how adorable they were and they were little lockets and how much I liked that concept. I did not like them quite as much when I saw them in person though. They hang to an odd spot on me and as I walk, the chains can kink in odd ways. Once straightened out, they look cute with some outfits and are a nice little touch of silver.
    I like the bracelet. More than I thought I would. It does seem a little cheap, but in sets like this, I don't complain much. I like the setting of the stone and the etching around. Just very pretty and simple. This is large for my wrist if I use the jump ring. I just clasp onto a link instead and it fits much better. It does change the line of the bracelet a little, but it still looks pretty. It also just really goes well with the style of some of my wardrobe.
    The only thing preventing me from really fully enjoying the set though is that I dislike how they look together. When worn as a set, it just seems like they do not go together completely. The earrings seem to be a twist on a classic in the sense that the Lover's Locket was, while the bracelet is a touch more traditional. This may seem like a bit of a quibble, but I just cannot see myself ever wearing them together, which is a bit disappointing to me.


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