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Saturday, June 11, 2011

JewelMint's Ever-Changing Mumbai Bracelet - Photos (4 Ways to Wear It)

Option 1: "Domino Effect"
Option 2: "Domino Effect" - Upside Down
Option 3: "Layered Effect"
Option 4: "Layered Effect" - Upside Down

Not only do I love the Mumbai because of how cute it is alone, but it also looks amazing layered with so many other JewelMint pieces, such as the Sienna Bracelet (as seen in one of the photographs above).

It gets even better...there are many ways you can wear the Mumbai alone too. Try playing around with the "coins" by mixing up the patterns or flip it upside down completely for a whole new look.

If I had to choose my favorite of the four options above, I'd have to go with option #3 (the "layered effect"). While the domino effect look is standard, I love having some of the coins in full view while others peek through as if in an hour-glass shape.

Due to small wrists, I connect the hook on the black rope instead of using any of the fixed links. Just a tip for you smaller-wristed women out there. :)

Have fun with it - this piece was made for layering with other jewelry!

xoxo, Lily

P.S. In case you missed it earlier, JewelMint just re-released the Mumbai Bracelet and the Versailles Earrings.


  1. Hi Lilly!
    Do you notice if your Mumbai has copper/yellowy tint showing through the silver circle plates?
    And also, I see you're able to fit the Sienna bracelet pretty well? Did you do something to make it not loose?

  2. Hi! I own two Mumbai Bracelets and neither of them have a copper/yellow tint to them. Although, one does have more of a black-ish "worn" tint to it compared to the other.

    I also have two Sienna's. I've altered one so far because of my small wrists. I used a jewelry tool set similar to this one here: (http://www.amazon.com/Cousin-Craft-Jewelry-Tool-6-Piece/dp/B001GS2YPO) to carefully remove some of the links. So it is possible to alter it if you need to! Hope this helps!


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