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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kate Bosworth's Lovely Cotton Campaign! Watch It Here, Download the Song, and Watch Exclusive Interviews with Kate & Cher Coutler!

Photo: Cotton Inc.

There's no denying it, Kate Bosworth is the epitome of effortless perfection. From her perfectly tousled wavy locks to her glowing skin, to her ability to throw anything on and look absolutely stunning. I can only imagine she wakes up looking the way she does with little or no effort at all.

I'm pretty sure a lot of us can say that we would absolutely die to be able to see Kate's closet, thus making her the perfect style icon to be featured in Cotton's latest "Fabric Of Our Lives" Ad!

If you look hard enough you can see Kate wearing quite a few JewelMint pieces in the Cotton Commercial! Here are the pieces I've spotted: Oyster Earrings and one of the Celtic Charm Rings (a matte gold band with a nude cabochon stone) in the Library Scene, the Charleston Earrings and Humanity Bracelet in the Jewelry Store Scene, another one of the Celtic Charm Rings (matte band with gold clover) in the Field Scene, and what I believe to be the Mumbai Bracelet in the Inspiration Room scene. Can you see any that I may have missed???

You may have seen this commercial running for the past few weeks now, but if you've missed it you can see it here:

All Videos: Cotton Inc.

I always love it when this adorable commercial comes on TV because I'm always seeing or hearing it in the background as I sit in what I like to call my new "JewelMint Office" in my home where write, edit, and endlessly create code for this fun blog. I always find myself singing along to it, and it's always in my head!

If you find yourself humming this song you can even download the song from Cotton's website! Click here to listen and download.

To find out more about the Kate's ad and to take an exclusive look into the making of the commercial, click here.

In addition, here are the exclusive videos from Cotton Inc. featuring Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. They sit down (wearing some of their favorite pieces from JewelMint) to talk about Kate's experience behind the scenes for the creation of her new campaign.

**Don't forget to check out the very last video below...it's of Kate and Cher looking through some of their fabulous pieces from JewelMint, including the lovely Poseidon Disc Necklace! Grab some popcorn and enjoy!** :)

xoxo, Lily

Kate Behind The Scenes

Kate: Surprise, It's Cotton

Yes, That's Kate Singing

Kate: The Library Scene

Kate: The Movie Scene

Kate: The Inspiration Room Scene

Kate: The Jewelry Store Scene

Kate: The Field Scene

Lastly, here's one of my favorites titled "Kate & JewelMint":

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  1. I have to say.. I prefer Zooey's singing over Kate's but loved the scenes more in Kate's (especially because I get to see a lot of my favorite JM pieces!)


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