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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Mint-Spiration: Decortive Room Inspiration and a "JewelMint" Office!

Who would have thought a fabulous jewelry line and a little blog like this would ever have an entire room dedicated and decorated in their honor??? Well, one person surely didn't see it coming, and that would be...my husband! lol

Here's the thing. I love this blog. I love the excitement of it, I love the hype, I especially love the community (you guys!). It makes me happy! I'm the type of person who loves positivity, looking on the brighter side of things while always keeping in mind that life is short. You have to keep the the things you love within arms reach, and keep the people you love close to your heart. (hmm...maybe I should have pursued Hallmark card writing?) jk :)

You see, a week or two ago I woke up with another one of my crazy ideas...I wanted one of the rooms in our home to be a "JewelMint" inspired office. I mean, who does this???

Well, my husband knows just how much time and dedication goes into Jewels&Mints (and now Style&Mints), it's something I love doing besides spending time with my family, working out, and playing guitar and piano. So it only seems appropriate to have a room dedicated exclusively to my blogging efforts.

The same day, I grabbed a minty JewelMint box out of my collection and was well on my way to mint bliss!

As I walked into my local paint store, I realized picking out the "perfect" shade wasn't going to be as easy as I had initially thought. I mean, I do oil paint from time to time, but I'm used to having basic colors to mix and match myself...instead, we were talking hundreds upon hundreds of different shades of light green and blue hues!

I took a handful of swatches and made my way back home determined to find "the one". Looking through the swatches I found two of the cutest, most appropriately named shades ever!

I absolutely adore the names of these swatches..."Mint-o-licious" and "Creamy Mint"?! Seriously, I almost tried eating the swatch before I remembered it was paper! In reality though, I ultimately decided that they may have been too green for my taste. I sifted through a few more options, and I actually ended up with an unexpected shade of mint with some blue undertones. The swatch I've chosen is the one on the right (below).

You can see how it compares to the other swatch on the left with more of yellow base, and I almost feel as if I'm cheating on my original "mint-spiration", but I think the room will look beautiful with this minty-blue based color.

I plan on painting the room here soon, and I've been picking up a few things along the way to complete my "JewelMint" office vision! Other things I will be adding to the room include the obvious desk, a supersoft light-colored shag rug, two paintings of what look like tiny mint leaves, and a bookshelf to organize my JewelMint boxes as if they were actually little books sitting in a shelf!

I may even include a photo of the room after its complete transformation in the months to come! So please stay tuned! :) If any have any cute ideas, please feel free to send them my way!!! I love talking about this stuff!

xoxo, Lily

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