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Thursday, June 30, 2011

StyleMint's Pre-Launch Access Has Been Granted - Visit StyleAndMints.com For More!!

Photos: StyleMint

Click here to visit StyleAndMints.com to read about StyleMint's exclusive pre-launch access!

I can't wait to see everyone tonight to celebrate JewelMint's July Collection (Giveaway) & StyleMint Launch Party from 10pm - 12:30am PST!!!! Click here to find out more!

xoxo, Lily


  1. Honestly, save your money and buy your t-shirts at Target or H&M. I was so excited when I got early access to buy a t-shirt from stylemint but, i didn't see anything I liked. There where only three shirts to pick from and none where anything special. It was a striped scoop neck, a henley shirt, and a basic tee-shirt nothing I couldn't get anywhere else. From such great designers, I really expected something special. Not something that at 30 dollars is way overpriced. So, save your money and skip stylemint.

  2. I really like what I see so far from StyleMint...the twins have some class. Just saw their little promo video on InStyle, looks like a nice little line so far. http://bcove.me/yoz3f2qr

    Also, I ove that song! It's "Hey You" by Pigeon John.  Every time I hear Pigeon John they usually play “I’m The Bomb” which is awesome in it’s own right, but it’s nice to hear that they chose to highlight “Hey You” this time. I wonder if Mary-Kate and Ashley are fans?


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