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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Night JewelMint Jabber - Tonight at 6pm PST!

I can't think of a better way to break up the week other than to meet up with you for my weekly Wednesday Night JewelMint Jabber. It's so much fun meeting up with those who have participated in the past, and I love having the opportunity to meet new participants who also share the same love for JewelMint jewelry!

So, join in tonight to talk about everything JewelMint including the latest restocks, experiences with JewelMint, items you want to swap/sell/trade etc., or just to hang out in a live forum with other self-proclaimed JewelMint Junkies and enjoy the company!

Tonight's chat will be from 6-7:00pm PST (use the JewelMint official clock on top of my sidebar for time reference). If 7:00pm comes too soon, we can always stick around to chat longer! Also, it's super easy to join in. There will be an option to connect with your Facebook or Twitter account. You don't have to give your password through the chat, you just simply connect once you've already logged into one of these options on your own. You'll see how it works tomorrow night. If you have any issues with logging in, shoot me an e-mail at jewelsandmints@gmail.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.

The chat will post on this blog exactly at 6pm PST. Can't wait to talk to everyone, see you soon!

xoxo, Lily

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