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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back In Stock: Trinity Bracelets & Astoria Necklace - Cleopatra Cabochon Earrings & Rio Bravo Earrings Are Now Sold Out Again! Thank You Verna, Kim & Janine!!

 Photos: Jewelmint

Holy restocks!!! A super huge "thank you" to Kim, Verna, and Janine for giving me the heads up on this one! I was busy listening to music and posting away to even realize my JewelMint email notification alarm had gone off! The Cleopatra Cabochon Earrings and Rio Bravo Earrings were back for just a little while before completely selling out! The Astoria Necklace and Trinity Bracelets are still in stock but are listed as "Almost Sold Out".

xoxo, Lily


  1. SO SAD I missed the cleos!! :( please bring more back JM, they were only in stock for like 30 minutes!

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