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Thursday, July 21, 2011

JewelMint Restocks!! Aqua Bomb Ring, Very Audrey Earrings, Metal Mosaic Ring & Eros Earrings! - Thank you Verna, Rachel, Kim, Janine & QOTC!

 Photo: Jewelmint

I'm about a day late on this one guys! I've been trying to find an internet connection here in the children's hospital, and I finally found a spot that picks up the network (for those of you who have been following along, my baby girl was admitted with a 107 temperature two days ago, but she is improving). I appreciate all of the wonderful emails wishing her a fast recovery. Thank you so much - I can't express how much your thoughts and prayers mean to me.

Since finally being able to log into my email here and going over my messages from the past 24 hours, I want to give a million thank you's to Verna, Rachel, Kim, Janine and Queen of the Click for all letting me know of JewelMint's restocks yesterday of the Aqua Bomb Ring, Very Audrey Earrings, Metal Mosaic Ring, and the Eros Earrings! You ladies are the best!

I just checked JewelMint's website, and all four pieces are still available. However, when I clicked the "Show Me More" button, only the Very Audrey Earrings and Aqua Bomb Ring showed up. I had to physically type in the link to the Eros Earrings and Metal Mosaic Ring to find that they too are still available as well!

Here are the direct links if you need them:
Eros Earrings

Now that I'm back up and running, it will be easier for me to continue my posts especially with all the anticipation of all the latest restocks, future possible restocks, new pieces, and maybe even sets possibly??? ;)

xoxo, Lily

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't responded to my latest emails, Facebook messages, and comments over the past couple days. I did receive your messages and I hope to respond as soon as I can! Thanks for understanding!

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