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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

JewelMint's Cavalier Crest Pendant - Photos


I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking at first when I came to the conclusion (in my head) that this pendant had a white, painted lacquer finish to it. A totally random assumption, but as it turns out it...I actually do like the Cavalier Crest's matte silver finish instead!

I have quite a few styling ideas in mind for this piece. My first option being a schoolboy blazer with rolled-up 3/4 sleeves in navy with a white cami underneath, a pair of jeans rolled up, with some flats! An office option could be something like a mustard v-neck merino sweater, a charcoal grey pencil skirt, and some black heels. I was also thinking that for a more summertime feel you can always opt for a printed mini, a simple solid tank, and those trusty flip flops.

As for the necklace itself, it's pretty heavy duty! I'm also loving the intricate etching detail throughout. I also noticed that one side is darker than the other with my necklace in particular. I kinda like this as it feels like I have two different necklaces in one. Is yours the same way?

xoxo, Lily

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  1. Im so excited to get mine now! It should be here in a few days!


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