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Thursday, July 7, 2011

JewelMint's For Keeps Bracelet - Photos


I'm absolutely loving the For Keeps Bracelet from this month's collection! This arrived yesterday in my July order along with many other pieces I'm totally smitten with! Another favorite of mine that you can see above (as shown for scale) is the East Side Beat Duo Bracelet.

I know many of you have mentioned that the bracelet in the ESBD set is relatively small, but it does adjust! In my case, I will be making mine smaller to fit a little bit tighter on my sometimes (way too small) wrists.

Funny story...I put the ESBD Bracelet on as soon as it arrived in the mail and the first thing my husband says is "Nice magnetic bracelet!" It's okay though, my new bronzed beauty didn't mind...we secretly think he's just jealous. ;)

But this bracelet paired with the For Keeps makes a perfect summertime duo! I also think the For Keeps would also look great paired with the Zoe Bangle, Tulum Bracelets, Sienna Bracelet, Mumbai Bracelet, Midas Ring (on the opposite hand), and even the Odyssey Necklace.

This is definitely one of my new go-to pieces! The colors are vivid and bold in certain light, but can sometimes look softer at other times. It's a fun piece that you will find your other hand drawn to throughout the day as it's fun to fidget with - there's just something intriguing about the texture!

By the way, if you're curious about fit, I was able to make mine smaller by strategically twisting and looping the beads through the ends. There was no way I wasn't going to make this bracelet work for me!

xoxo, Lily

What are your thoughts on JewelMint's new For Keeps Bracelet?


  1. My wrist is super small as well and I could not find a way to adjust it enough. Could you give me more detail on how you made it fit tighter?? I too feel it is just to cute to return and have to make it work!

  2. From what I have read on the website the For Keeps Bracelet, the beads are metal. Is this true? How is the quality?

  3. Hi Gwen! - First, I let the bracelet out about half way so that the threads are still even on both sides. Next, I twisted the center braided thread as a whole (a full twist) and tucked it under. I then took the two end beaded threads and fed them through the loopholes where the beads end on each side. I pulled them through for added support and to make the bracelet look how it was originally intended. I hope I explained that okay! Let me know if you're able to get it to work for you :)

    Hi Krysta! - The beads are metal but they are coated with enamel so it actually has the weight of metal, but has a nice feel. It's a well made piece, and I'm actually quite impressed with July so far - I immediately noticed difference in quality for sure, but time will definitely tell!

  4. Lily, thanks for responding! I will try this out and let you know how it worked out. I'm crossing my fingers because I really love this bracelet, it is so pretty and unique. I've never seen anything like it!

  5. It totally worked!! Thanks for the tip! BTW love your blog, never miss it. I'm really looking forward to the monthly collection reference. I have been trying to search for this info on my own with no luck. Thanks again for the tip, Gwen.
    BTW,I shared your tip on FB so other girls can also benefit and gave you credit for the tip!

  6. Yay!! I'm glad I did a good job explaining that to you, and thanks for sharing with others! I'd hate to see anyone be disappointed that they sent it back when it can actually be adjusted to work! Maybe I'll do another post talking about how I made the adjustment.

    I'm so excited to get the monthly collection list up soon! I have a few other things in the works too that I think (hope) you'll love!! I'll be talking more about what I'm up to shortly. :)

    xo, L

  7. Hi Lily I got this bracelet as well! I love it but I'm noticing little chips of enamel coming off. It's not a lot and you can't notice until you really really look at it. What do you think I can do to prevent more chipping?

  8. I agree with blushingwithjewels, my bracelet has a bit of chipping on the inside, what can we do to prevent more chipping? I'd be really sad for it to be ruined. :(

  9. Hi ladies! I know a lot of JMJ's (JewelMint Junkies) say that Krylon works for them or clear nail polish. I've used Krylon before for other projects, but I've never done this to any of my JewelMint pieces as the thought of altering them kind of bothers me. I know that no matter what jewelry brand it is, I've always had issues with enamel not always holding up very well under lots of wear. But if you don't mind using it on your For Keeps in an attempt to preserve it, Krylon is probably your best bet...just test it out first before you use it, shake the can extremely well, and try to get the hang of spraying something like a piece of paper to make sure it isn't splattering and to get used to the output. Hope this helps! xo,L

  10. Oh, I almost forgot! Keep in mind that there are different finishes that you will want to match finishes up to. For example, there's Crystal Clear Acrylic, Matte Finish, Satin Finish, etc. You can always test different finishes out on old items you don't care about just to make sure you're happy with the end result first. :)

    Here's a link for reference:

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