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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Oversold: Chargebacks and a Gift Card

Last week, a few of the pieces such as the Sienna Bracelet, Lunar Blue Necklace, and Bossa Nova Earrings were still available for sale - mainly in limited quantities. A lot of us made a few of these purchases, and unfortunately some of our purchases had oversold.

While I can understand one's disappointment (especially being that they are such great pieces!), I do believe it happens to the best of companies from time to time.

I can name quite a few major online retailers whose online purchases have had issues with overselling when dealing with limited quantities. While unfortunate, there are a multitude of things that can accidentally cause "oversold" issues for retailers, but it happens to the best of them, and all they can do is attempt to fix it.

Trust me, no company loves overselling things, and I think JewelMint handled it well. I'll explain...

Not only did JewelMint originally send an email giving a gift card credit back to those who placed an oversold order, but they have also corrected the issue by crediting back the credit cards on which the orders had been placed. If a credit had been used, an extra credit will be added to your account.

I think this was a little confusing at first being that the original oversold email spoke of a gift card, when in reality it was meant to be an added bonus (along with the charge back) for our troubles.

To tell you the truth, I don't know of any other online retailer that has ever given anyone a full chargeback, plus a gift card for the same amount in order to correct an oversold issue! You can guarantee they will attempt to correct this issue as even the smallest mistakes do not come cheap for any company...especially for a company who seems to always go above and beyond for their clientele.

This is exactly why we keep coming back to JewelMint..they always do what they can to make things right, and then some. :)

I'm also hopeful that JewelMint will be bringing back these pieces sometime in the future as the demand is obviously there; I don't see why they wouldn't! Fingers crossed!

xoxo, Lily

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  1. I agree, what JewelMint did to resolve the issue was way beyond what any other retailer I've known to have done. Way to go JewelMint!!!


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