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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011 - The Weekly JewelMint Exchange: Buy, Sell, Trade!

 Photo: Jewelmint

Ready, set, exchange! This is a weekly Sunday night post for those looking to buy, sell, or trade JewelMint! 

Is there a  piece you missed out on? A piece that just didn't work out for you that needs a new loving home? Or, a piece you're willing to trade for something else?

The Weekly JewelMint Exchange is a *weekly* post that will post every Sunday Night at 7pm PST for you to post JewelMint items you are looking to buy, sell or trade across the board. Make sure to check back each week for new user listings!

Here's how it works:
1. Begin your post with: Looking to sell, looking to trade, or looking to find.
2. List your items (including accurate descriptions, if necessary, such as "new", "used", or "altered").
3. Please don't forget to include an email address for contact.

Happy trading!

xoxo, Lily
Click here for the official rules for safe trading, etc.


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  2. hi everyone! i'm looking to sell my spare daphne pendant, never before worn and in perfect condition :)

    asking price is $25 for US buyers and $35 for international

    happy shopping!

  3. I'm desperately seeking to BUY several pairs of the PHARAOH BRACELETS set. I say "several pairs" to use for stacking/layering purposes (and the fact that I'm madly in love with this piece!). However, if you only have one in which you'd like to sell, that's perfectly fine as well! I know they were just re-released, but I was out of town and missed them entirely and they are one of my most highly sought after pieces!! Thus, my heart is officially broken. Please help if you possibly can, it is much appreciated!! I will be happy to give you JM CREDITS or PAYPAL in return. You name it! Thanks everyone! Please respond to the email below


  4. Looking for Sanskrit to trade for credit please.

    Also up for sale
    All BNIB- Daphne, Encore, Aurum and Sea breeze

    Email me at vernalisa.m@gmail.com

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  6. Still looking for the bali dream necklace prepared to pay with paypal immediately please I've been searching endlessly for it


  7. Looking for Celestial Wreath! Will pay $120 paypal. Email me! kathrynlaura12@gmail.com

  8. Desperately seeking Sanskrit! Paypal. E-mail me: columbia9219@yahoo.com (Jane Eckel Vaughn Slavin). Thanks!


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