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Monday, July 25, 2011

TOP SECRET Information! A Party, a Major Special Announcement, and a Giveaway!

So as many of you know, I've been at the hospital this past week with my baby girl and my family. We're home now, and she's recovering. We're not exactly out of the woods yet, but we'll know for sure within the next few weeks.

I've said this before and I wanted to say it again...a MILLION "thank you's" to everyone for all the wonderful get well wishes for my daughter!!!! Reading all of those emails really made me realize even more just how lovely this community really is. I've been taking time now that we're back home to respond individually to each and every email so if I haven't responded yet, please expect an email from me soon. :)

As for the blogging world, I've made an attempt to keep up with the most important JewelMint news as much as possible while away! As always (and especially in last week's situation) it was super helpful to receive those emails of breaking JewelMint news from many of you including: Megan, Lana, Sara, Gwen, Candice, Verna, Rachel, Kim, Janine, Queen of the Click, Susan, Kelly, Josephine, and Jan!

Now that things are getting back to normal, I have some super exciting things coming!! I'll be announcing the JewelMint & StyleMint August Collection Party (scheduled for July 31st from 10pm - 12:30am) later this evening! Even more exciting, I have a MAJOR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT that I will be making at the party, and a fabulous JewelMint Giveaway!

For now, this announcement is considered "Top Secret" - just because I like the sound of it and because nobody knows what I have up my sleeve just yet :). It's a huge JewelMint & StyleMint project I've been working on over the past month that I hope everyone will love (hence the lacking YouTube videos and JewelMint Jabbers lately), but you'll find out all the details next Sunday during the JewelMint & StyleMint Party for sure!!

Thanks again everyone for all your help over the past week and you can expect even more blogging, photos, and videos to come after the 1st of August when everything falls into place!

Stay tuned!
xoxo, Lily


  1. Oh no! Lily I had no idea!!! My thoughts & prayers are with your family.

  2. So this party deal is online right?

  3. Hi Naly! Sure is, here's the link to the invite post that I just added:


    Hope to see you there! :) xo,L

  4. Thank you Gina!! Things are getting better(knock on wood)! :) Btw, we'll have to chat again soon...we need to catch up!!!

  5. Lily I will certainly continue to keep you in my prayers as well, glad to hear things are looking up! However, this is my first time joining the chat/party...will the chatroom appear at 10pm PCT? Thanks, I'm just a bit confused.


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