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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Do We Have Here: Future JewelMint Rings???

Photo: JewelMint

Well, well, well! I was taking a walk down "Midas Memory Lane", and while watching the product video I noticed something very (newly) familiar!! Do you see something in this video still from the Midas Ring Video? Is that the East Beat Duo Ring I spy?

Being that this much older video was released back in the day (by "back in the day" I mean months ago) this begs the question...

Will these three other rings, not including the Midas and East Beat, be something worth looking out for in future JewelMint Collections???

Very interesting indeed! By the way, I'm loving the rectangular ring! The ring under the Midas Ring reminds me of the Sixties Revival Bracelet.

Would you purchase any of these rings if they are indeed future JewelMint pieces?? If so, which ones?

xoxo, Lily

See these rings in the Midas Video:

1 comment:

  1. I'll probably get the east beat and the square one. The one on her pinky finger might come out next:)


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