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Thursday, August 4, 2011

JewelMint Jewelry Care: Tips & Tricks!

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I've had a few requests for a post regarding tips and tricks for caring for your JewelMint Jewelry, how to keep it looking its best, and how to correct the unexpected. This posting will be permanently linked to the sidebar for reference, and I'll continue to add or modify this post as necessary.

Here are some ideas for caring and storing your favorite JewelMint pieces. Some of these tips may be obvious while others may be of some great use!

  • If at all possible, keep your pieces of jewelry in pouches to protect them from tarnishing, etc., even while in jewelry box storage.
  • Treat the surfaces of your jewelry just as you would your glasses or sunglasses: the best method for cleaning your jewelry is to use a super soft cloth (such as those made for glasses). 
  • Costume jewelry in general is best known for having a thin layer of plating. Once that layer is gone, a base layer will become exposed, and the damage is done. Try to stray away from using the following on your jewelry: harsh cleaning agents, soap, scrubbing sponges, ammonia, Windex, vinegar, chlorine, alcohol, nail polish remover, etc.
  • If completely necessary, you can attempt to clean your plated jewelry with a specialized costume jewelry cleanser. It is best to find a cleaning agent that is safe for even the most weakest of metals and plating.
  • Use an extra soft toothbrush (a baby toothbrush is best) when gently removing any gunk or grime. Be careful when scrubbing while, again, keeping in mind that the plating and adhesives can be delicate. Once it's gone, it's gone.
  • Follow the directions for any plated jewelry cleaning agent as best as possible for the best results. Depending on the agent, you will not want to immerse the piece fully in any chemical solution as full immersion can weaken any bonds.
  • There are times when you may need to dry off your jewelry. For this, you can try a blow dryer on a low and cool setting to help speed up the process.
  • Tip to help remove tarnish: Fill a small dish with lemon juice. Put the piece of jewelry in the small dish immersed with the juice, and leave until you see the tarnish has disappeared. Once the tarnish is gone, carefully rinse the piece with water, and dry. For best results, use the blow dryer tip above. Use with caution when adhesives are involved.
  • A lot of people swear by the use of Krylon® as a coating to protect their jewelry from tarnishing, wear, etc. Keep in mind that the use of Krylon® will alter your piece forever (which could be a good thing in some cases). Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 
    • There are many finishes available such as: Crystal Clear Acrylic, Matte Finish, Satin Finish, pigmented metallics, etc.
    • Choose and even test out different finishes on old pieces of costume jewelry that you don't mind being possibly ruined. 
    • Fumes from the Krylon® can be harsh, always try to do this in an open area - preferably outside.
    • Always vigorously shake the can for a few minutes (or the time specified) for best results and directly prior to use. 
    • Check the initial output/flow of the spray before each use by testing it out on paper or cardboard. If it is going to splatter, it's best to make sure it happens on another tangible item, and not your jewelry.
    • Take your time practicing your technique until you have a correct distance and flow technique down. Again, practice on items you don't care much about losing.
    • Coat one side of jewelry at a time. This takes time, do not prematurely touch or turn over your item until you are positive that it is dry. This will probably include having to leave your item and coming back to it when the drying process is complete.
    • Very thin, even layers are best when coating. Take your time; multiple thin layers are always better than fewer thicker layers that can cause permanent drip lines. It is very easy to get carried away with Krylon®, I can't stress enough how taking your time can prevent disasters from occurring.
    • Weather can also be a factor when using Krylon® outside. Wind can kick up dust that can ultimately end up in your finish if not completely dry. Warmer days will help the finish to dry faster. Direct sunlight is usually never good for jewelry. Just some things to keep in mind prior to starting your project.

I hope this post can be of some help to those of you looking for some guidance on how to care for your beloved JewelMint! However, please utilize the suggestions above with discretion as some of the above tips may be good for certain pieces of jewelry, but not others. Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section below!

xoxo, Lily


  1. Super helpful, Lily. Thank you.

  2. You do some pretty inspiring stuff. I wish I could find the jewelry pieces. I live in Arizona and haven't found much by way of old costume jewelry at the yard sales. It's too expensive at the second hand shops. Nice site anyways. Your time and efforts are appreciated.
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