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Thursday, August 11, 2011

JewelMint Mail: Back in Stock! Get These Best Sellers While You Can!

As most of you already know from yesterdays post (here), the Piet Earrings, Piet Necklace, and Manhattan Earrings have been back in stock!

JewelMint's latest email reiterates the restock and all three pieces are no longer listed as "Almost Sold Out". Looks as if they received more stock and updated the inventory when the email went out!

To tell you the truth, a very long time ago (about a few months or so, lol) I was sold on this necklace when I saw Rachel Bilson wearing it here...

Photos: Jewelmint

Looks like the guy in the background was captivated by the Piet Necklace too! Someone needs to tell him ASAP that it is now back in stock! ;)

xoxo, Lily
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