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Monday, August 8, 2011

JewelMint's Love That Binds Bracelet is Now Available!!

Photo: Jewelmint

Finally!!! JewelMint's Love That Binds Bracelet is now available! This is the last piece in August's collection that we've all been waiting for. There were two delays this month including the New Heights Bracelet that was released one week ago today. I've actually been sporting mine as a headband of all things! :) As for the Love That Binds Bracelet, I love its unique rose gold color - I imagine it being a quite a popular bracelet!

xoxo, Lily
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  1. Hi Lily -
    How often does JM release "sets"? (two separate pieces paired together as a promotion) Based on what you've seen over time, is this done one a month, once a collection? I was super bummed when I was out of town (and internet service) and missed the Titania set!!!


  2. Yes, for the last few months, sets have been sold towards the end of the month but they sell out within a few *hours* so check your email often around that time. Emails seem to go out around 11am.

  3. Hi Lily,
    Have you been able to make the New Heights work on your wrist at all? Mine just arrived, and it's gorgeous but very loose around my wrist and so becomes kind of a jumbled mess of cords. I know you mentioned you have really small wrists, as I do, so I was wondering if you had come up with any tricks to make it fit a bit tighter. If not, I'll just have to make it work as a headband or necklace too!

    By the way, I'm so grateful for all your awesome tips for small-wristed and skinny-fingered girls! You've been majorly helpful.



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