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Monday, August 29, 2011

Recent Changes to JewelMint's Website: What Does This Mean for Past Waitlisted Items?

If you've been on JewelMint's website recently, you may have noticed some new changes to the site! Over the past few days, it seems as though the site has been undergoing updates, feature changes, etc. A few of these changes include updates to the waitlist system, shopping cart, jewelry box, order history, and other slight tweaks throughout.

The most noticeable change thus far seem to have been made to product pages. For example, here's a look back at the Rachel Earrings old product page:

Photos: Jewelmint

As you can see in the photo of the old layout (above), a "SOLD OUT: Add Me To the Waitlist!" link used to be present on certain items. This link option would take you to an external waitlist sign-up page that was previously hosted on a third-party website. This option seemed to have been listed on items that had a guarantee of being re-released in the near future. You can see the last update to this list on my "Waitlist - Sign Up Now" tab located under the Featured Links section in the sidebar. Most of these items still have a major potential of being restocked.

With JewelMint's latest updates, you will notice that ALL sold out pieces now have a pink internal "WAITLIST ME" link.

Here's a look at the (newly updated) Rachel Earrings product page:

Rather than JewelMint supposedly adding a waitlist option only after it has been determined to bring back an item, I believe this new waitlist system has been implemented in order to collect data to see which items have the highest market demand. This could mainly help to determine which items will ultimately be thrown back into reproduction. The biggest drawback to this change is the fact that we can no longer predict which items will be coming back soon.

Despite this, I actually think this new waitlist system is great! The new system is now internal. Meaning we no longer have to sign up on an external web page, nor do we constantly have to input our name and email addresses for each individual piece over and over again (totally exhausting, right?). Moreover, the idea of no longer constantly having to search for items with waitlists seems less stressful.

In addition, I also believe this new system will allow for a higher level of consistency in terms of actually receiving the restock emails. Collecting this data with a simple click of a button within the site potentially gives JewelMint a higher level of control and accessibility to the database itself.

This does, however, raise some questions: What happens to the previous external (third-party) lists many of us used to sign up for restock notification emails? Have these lists been automatically transferred into the new system? Do we have to go back and click the new waitlist buttons for those pieces with the new system?

I'm guessing everyone's best bet is to just go ahead and sign up again on each product page, just to be on the safe side.

If I only had two suggestions for JewelMint (assuming these have yet to be implemented) it would be to: 1) Integrate the old third-party waitlists in with the new so that no one is left out of receiving email notifications, and 2) Please, please, please add some sort of *Coming Soon* notice on the pieces that are guaranteed to be restocked soon - just because we're unbelievably impatient. Just throwing that out there ;)

Oh! There was another thing I wanted to point out...

JewelMint has also increased the purchase quantity on all product pages from 6 to 20. You'll also notice this reflected in a drop down menu within your shopping cart. This feature is especially fabulous for those of us who love to keep an eye out for items that are listed as "Amost Sold Out". Why? Because if there happens to only be 15 items left of one item, the dropdown will typically reflect this number. Thus allowing one to know that it's time to stop thinking about it, and to buy just buy it already! This feature is especially lovely for us adrenaline junkies out there looking for that last minute "Oh my gosh, that was close! I almost missed out on it!" thrill. :)

xoxo, Lily

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that the site now seems to be less glitchy than before? To me, it seems as if the site is much smoother and faster right now! Yay!


  1. The "see previously removed items" tab in the "Show Me More" pop-up window seems to have disappeared. I can't add anything other than recommended pieces to my showroom, and have to purchase through the direct product urls. Anyone else have this issue?

  2. @Anonymous. I am having the exact same issue. I am also unable to add items I've already purchased. Which is inconvenient, because I may want to purchase backups or gifts of those. Lastly, items which are almost sold out aren't being labeled as so in my showroom. It seems they are still some kinks they need to work out.

  3. I can add the items I've already purchased to my showroom but the "previously removed items" tab is gone for me too. That's no good. What if I changed my mind?

    - Charlotte

  4. I agree with not able to add removed items. It doesn't even show at all. They need to fix this for sure.


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