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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winner of JewelMint's "You Name It" Contest: Josephine McIver's Fabulous Bella Flora Earrings Review & Styling Tips!

Photo: Jewelmint

If you're a fan of JewelMint's Facebook Community then you probably already know the exciting story behind this month's Bella Flora Earrings!

Let's start from the beginning...

Back in June, JewelMint announced the "You Name It" Earrings Contest. JewelMint asked everyone to submit names for a beautiful sketch of floral earrings. One contestant by the name of Josephine McIver came up with a super adorable and creative entry. Her submission caught the eyes of Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter, and she was named a finalist along with four others with such names as "Warhol in Wonderland" by Ariel Grenier, "PERSEPHONE" by Ruby Carolina Orcutt, "Afternoon in Paris" by Julie Cook, and "Endless Summer" by Judy Norcia.

We voted, and Josephine McIver swept away the competition with her entry, "Bella Flora", and the rest is history!

Josephine McIver's name is featured on JewelMint's website and is printed on the description cards in Bella Flora boxes that have shipped all over the country this month!

Over the past couple of months, I've had the honor of becoming friends with Josephine, and I can tell you...she is one of the sweetest and most caring people I've met since starting this blog! I just want to say "Congratulations!" to her once again - she totally deserves it! I know she's super excited about name a JewelMint piece, and I mean, who wouldn't be right?! Even more exciting is Josephine's feature on JewelMint's Style Diary Blog today (here)!

I've been talking back and forth with Josephine about her win, and I actually have a funny story to tell...

When Josephine's name was first announced as the winner of JewelMint's "You Name It' Contest, we immediately spoke of joining forces to do some sort of post about the earrings and her exciting win! In the midst of all the excitement, Josephine mentioned how she dreamed of JewelMint contacting her to tell her she could pick out any 5 pieces (past or present) of her choice. You see, I had read it as though they had actually told her this, and I couldn't wait to speak about how awesome her prize was! As it turned out, I had read it all wrong indeed  - oops! :)

Josephine set me straight, I corrected my post, and we couldn't help but have a good laugh. Josephine's actual prize: owning a pair of Bella Flora earrings before anyone else in the world, and the awesomeness of naming her very own pair of JewelMint earrings!

Thing is, how amazing would it be if JewelMint actually created a contest where the winner could choose any past reproductions of their choice?! I think Josephine is onto something here! :)

Since Josephine's fabulous win, she's had some time to become acquainted with her Bella Flora's. She's even agreed to doing a guest review for us, and she couldn't have been more excited to do so!

Without further ado, here's Josephine McIver's personal review (and styling photos) of her Bella Flora Earrings to share with all of you!

First of all, may I say that it was such an amazing surprise to have my name included on the JM website in the description box for the Bella Flora earrings. I truly did not expect this and am delighted beyond words. It truly made me feel special and immortalized my special moment.

The Bella Flora is magnificent in person. I wasn’t sure what to expect because prior to receiving it, all I saw was the same sketch that everyone else saw in the You Name It Contest. I was delighted that it was a substantial piece that could stand on its own and was feminine without being dainty. Again, JM delivered a statement piece that I could wear with a multitude of outfits – from casual to dressy, feminine and flirty to modern and slightly edgy. No matter what the outfit, it gives a feminine vibe that isn’t shy nor discreet. It’s a juxtaposition of the modern woman who is both strong and feminine.

I love the way Cher styled Bella Flora with the white dress and the cowboy boots which gave it a playful, bohemian vibe (now I feel compelled to acquire cowboy boots for my wardrobe!). Once again, the juxtaposition is there. In my styling photo, I pulled out a basic LBD with my cream Jill Sander trench coat and a short Hermes scarf one could wear several ways – wrapped around the neck, twisted on the wrist or even looped around a purse handle.

I would pair Bella Flora with mostly rings – Ludlow Trio, Forget Me Knot Trio or the Sweetheart ring. Bracelets that I would suggest are Trinity, Golden Goose, Forever Yours, Monte Carlo or Zoe. I would skip the necklace but if you really need to, I would pair it with either Serpentine or Farrah. I think with jewelry, Bella Flora should be the focus so definitely keep it simple – less is more!
Me in Bella Flora wearing one of my wardrobe staples – my favorite black poncho by Issey Miyake. I bought this poncho at the Issey Miyake boutique in Paris (Place Des Vosges) and I feel it is the perfect “backdrop” for Bella Flora! I’ve had it for 8 years and it is something that matches the timelessness and versatility of Bella Flora.
Outfit 1: Dress – Target; Trench – Jill Sander; Scarf – Hermes; Shoes – Prada.
Outfit 2: This is a casual weekend outfit – shopping or brunch with the girls. Dress – F21; Clogs – Chanel.
Outfit 3: Day to night outfit (just switch up the shoes). White tee – Target; Jacket – some random jacket I pulled out, but can't remember where I got it; Jeggings – Hue; Sneakers – Prada; Pumps – Prada.

I love Josephine's suggestions, and I'm particularly in love with look #1! I think pairing the Bella Flora earrings with a trench coat is pure genius. If you're anything like me, you always reach for your trusty trench coat on rainy days when the weather outside is gloomy. Pairing the colorful Bella Flora earrings seems like the perfect approach to brightening any future stormy day!

A special thanks to Josephine McIver! Keep an eye out for her on JewelMint's Facebook page, she seriously posts some of the most fabulous pics!

xoxo, Lily

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