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Thursday, September 1, 2011

BeautyMint.com: Jessica Simpson Set To Join BeachMint Royalty Kate Bosworth, Cher Coulter, and the Olsen Twins with New Skincare Line!

A super huge thanks to Avery for looking into this and sharing!! Looks like BeachMint is at it again with a new venture called "BeautyMint"! It is being reported that Jessica Simpson will be the new celeb behind the skincare line. This article comes from InStyle.com. Click here to find the following article in its entirety.

Jessica Simpson to Launch New Beauty Site, BeautyMint

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Beauty Mint
Sep 1, 2011 @ 3:40 pm

Jessica Simpson and celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy are teaming up to launch BeautyMint, a new online destination that will sell anti-aging skincare. The Web site will use the same retail model as sister sites JewelMint (Kate Bosworth’s jewelry site) and StyleMint (the Olsens’ T-shirt line) in which users take a beauty quiz upon signing up, and the answers determine which fixed-price products they’re offered each month. No launch date has been released yet, but you can check BeautyMint’s Facebook page for updates.*

I'm so glad they've finally announced this! You know what this means right??? The launch of BeautyAndMints!! It's been in the works for a couple months now thanks to an insider's tip! ;) Although I did not know the celeb behind BeautyMint, I find it very intriguing that Jessica is a part of it!

Naturally, when I think of Jessica Simpson I think of shoes. Of course, she's been there and we all know, she's done that. Actually, she's still doing it and successfully too.

In fact, when I first heard of BeautyMint I was thinking it would be a cosmetics club only to now find out that it is a skincare line. Then it hit me, do you guys remember her line of cosmetics back in the day when she was with Nick Lachey? I had to Google it to remember, but it was called Dessert - an edible makeup line that included lip glosses, bath bubbles, body sprays, etc. My point is, this could be why she's staying away from the beauty department on this one and going more towards skincare?

Who really knows if this has anything to do with the other, but either way she's come a long way from those days and her fashion empire these days is thriving! And that's putting it lightly.

I guess my point is, Jessica has a lot to bring to the table, and teaming up with BeachMint can only help to add to the success of both brands! I can't wait to see what happens next!

I'll keep you guys updated as more information about BeatyMint surfaces (launch date, product information, etc.).

For now, you can sign up for updates on BeautyMint.com!

What are your thoughts about Jessica Simpson and her BeautyMint skin care line? Are you inclined to give it a try? How do you imagine the monthly subscription aspect of BeautyMint functioning?

xoxo, Lily

**UPDATE** I've substituted the original BeautyHigh.com article with an article from InStyle.com. I was informed by a highly-trusted source that some of the information in the article from Beauty High was incorrect. Thanks!


  1. I'm all for $30 bucks is a good deal for any anti aging product if it works. I would also love if they made a shoemint and bagmint. I can't get enough mints.

  2. I was told they're still working on price points. I'm really hoping this is a personallized skin care line where for a monthly subscription you get sent a months worth of skincare products. A monthly bonus of a random "extra" sample or something to try that would be available for separate purchase would be cool too. Just some ideas. ;)


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