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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Soirée on a Chain

Upon receiving my new items from each month, I carefully assess each piece with the mentality of "thinking outside the box", both literally and figuratively.

This month a few things have come to mind so far which includes the idea of purchasing a total of 4 Gatsby Bracelets in order to link them together to create a stunning Gatsby Necklace.

In addition to this, I had the old idea of putting "rings on a string" cross my mind for the Midnight Soiree Ring. This works out well for me being that the sizing of the Midnight Soiree is a bit too large for me anyway. While I can make the size 6 work on my pointer finger, I was tempted to turn the ring into a lovely pendant, and I had the perfect chain in mind..

I went into my "archive" and found my Sealed With Love Necklace (SWL). I removed the charm and added this ring as the chain's new pendant. I did have to carefully use rounded jewelry pliers in a manner to not damage the metal loop, but that was very easy to do with my jewelry repair kit. I'm eventually going to change out the connector loop with a smaller one so that the SWL pendant can be easily removed without the use of tools. Any other gold chain will work just as well, but being that the ring is so large, a longer chain will probably look best. This would probably even work well with the Poseidon Disc Necklace chain too, or layered with either! ;)

I'll be posting more photos of the Midnight Soiree Ring soon!

xoxo, Lily

Would you wear the Midnight Soiree Ring as a pendant?

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