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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Decide The Fate of JewelMint's Baltic Gem Earrings - Vote Now!

You may remember the contest JewelMint recently held on Facebook where we voted on which JewelMint piece we wanted to see "Refashioned". Just like the Paramour Bracelet/Paramour Necklace, the winner would inevitably be turned into a completely new piece!

We voted and the Baltic Gem Earrings stole the show!

Now that the Baltic Gems have been named their first-ever Facebook Refashion Contest Winner, we now have an even harder decision to come to by deciding their fate!

We have five new options to choose from! 

Here are the official nominees:

Baltic Gem Wrist Band

Baltic Gem Bracelet

Baltic Gem Headband

Baltic Gem Necklace

Baltic Gem Ring

Something is really drawing me to that headband - I'm thinking its because it's something new we haven't before from JewelMint, only mentioned.

On the other hand, I love wrist wraps such as the Baltic Gem Wrist Band, but are those spikes coming out from the bottom of the charm itself? Kind of a cool detail - I actually want to purchase this as a collar for the abandoned kitten that found its way to my front porch this past week and has made a home on our bench! I'm thinking JewelMint pet collars are in order - even if its a limited edition!! I'm betting a lot of you would snap those up for the holidays! ;)

Moving on, I think that both the Baltic Gem Necklace and Bracelet were kind of givens. If I had to choose between the two, I'd definitely say the necklace!

Which brings us to the Baltic Gem Ring. Being completely JewelMint ring-obsessed, I'd have to say this is my favorite of the five by far! It also currently has the majority vote!

Here are the current stats:
Baltic Gem Ring - 1st Place

Baltic Gem Necklace - 2nd Place
Baltic Gem Bracelet - 3rd Place
Baltic Gem Headband - 4th Place
Baltic Gem Wrist Band - 5th Place

My personal choices:
Baltic Gem Ring - 1

Baltic Gem Wrist Band - 2
Baltic Gem Necklace -3
Baltic Gem Headband - 4
Baltic Gem Bracelet -5

Now all we need is a Baltic Gem Pin, Baltic Gem Keychain, and Baltic Gem Makeup Mirror/Compact! <3 Kidding...well, sorta :)

We still have 6 more days to cast our votes. Click here to vote now!

xoxo, Lily

Photos: JewelMint
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  1. omg!!!! just do them all they are freakin awesome!!!!!!! :D


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