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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sneak Peek: Possible Future JewelMint Rings!

Photo: JewelMint

Watching JewelMint's Saber Tooth Ring video, I noticed two very gorgeous rings on Cher Coulter! To the right of the photo above you will notice two gold and emerald rings on Cher's pointer finger.

Thing is, Cher tends to wear JewelMint pieces in all of these videos so I'm assuming these rings will be a future set!!!

I would purchase these in a heartbeat if they were available for the upcoming holiday season! I mean, who doesn't love anything emerald and gold?

xoxo, Lily
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P.S. For those curious about the gold/yellow/ruby ring on Cher's middle finger, it's one of the rings from the Desire Rings Set.

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