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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Back and Ready to Talk "Mints"!

Hi again everyone!

It's Wednesday and I'm happy to be back from a busy (extended) weekend. I've been doing some updating to the blogs and then took a break to spend some much-needed time with the family.

As for updates, the archives are still a work in progress, but the Monthly Collections list is pretty much near completion with the exception of the Potion Pendant (lol thanks for the heads up on that one Gwen!). I'm also really happy to have the JewelMint Jabber and the StyleMint StyleTalk Forums up and running! Also, I really hope you guys like the new navigation bar at the top! I was finding it a little tedious to find items located throughout the blogs, so I thought this was not only important, but completely overdue as well.

Also, it's amazing what you can miss in just a short about of time! JewelMint has since announced their latest celebrity guest curator, ideas for an Exclusive Reserve loyalty program, and a handful of new contests! The Daily Holiday Deals (aka JewelMint sets) continue on. Not to mention the brief release of a couple of their Prestige pieces, a few other random re-releases, and their latest release of new Friendship Bracelet.

I have so much to catch up on here so let's get started!

xoxo, Lily

P.S. Thank you to everyone for the emails during my little break in regards to exciting JewelMint news. I was able to keep up with everything going on while I was away. Seriously, a few days away from the Mints felt like an eternity! :)

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