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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Today Show: JewelMint Named One of ShopSmart Magazine's Best Bargain Shopping Websites: Style By Subscription

JewelMint's has recently featured this video on their Style Diary! I couldn't help but want to re-feature this video here, just in case you missed it!

The Today Show:  The Best Shopping Websites (Bargain Shopping) by ShopSmart Magazine: Style By Subscription: Watch it now!

I love seeing that JewelMint was featured today on The Today Show - especially under a category such as "bargain shopping". When you really sit back and think about it, a lot of JewelMint's pieces really are a bargain. While all pieces are only $29.99, I can't say I've ever paid full price for any of the 100+ pieces I personally own. I think a lot of us get caught up in when the next deal will be, when in reality, we should appreciate all the codes and deals JewelMint does provide us. I really can't think of another online retailer that provides so many codes as often as JewelMint does. If you take a peek at the promo codes on my sidebar, you'll noticed I've separated them by status - "new members" or "existing members". This should hopefully make for easier navigation!

xoxo, Lily
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P.S. Just in case you're new to JewelMint: I noticed the segment mentioned that JewelMint will *send* you a piece of jewelry each month. In reality, JewelMint's system is based off of credits. Only you gets to decide which piece to receive each month (or not), by using your credits on what you want - not what JewelMint thinks you want. They only provide top suggestions based on your "style profile". Just thought I'd point that minor error out. ;)

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