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Thursday, December 1, 2011

JewelMint Restocks December Pieces - Backorder Now Availble For Select Jewelry!

Photo: JewelMint

Quite a few of you (including myself) were shocked to see so many of the new pieces from December sold out in less than a day of their release!

JewelMint's Crystal Cascade Earrings, Bombshell Bracelet, Easy Rider Necklace, and Gemma Earrings have are all available again for purchase as of tonight! The Crystal Cascade's, Bombshell, and Gemma's all have back order notices that read: "ITEM IS BACKORDERED. WILL SHIP MID-DECEMBER."

The Lucky Charms Necklace is still listed as sold out, but here's hoping that will change again soon! I love this necklace as it reminds me of something you would see from Juicy Couture - and who doesn't love JC? :)

xoxo, Lily
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P.S. A restock text notification has been issued
for these restocks! Click here to learn more about how to sign up for free restock text messages from Jewels & Mints!


  1. This all looks adorable So pretty and It's very interesting post here!

  2. Great to know this about accessories Nice amazing unique collection and Gorgeous photos here in this post I think it is very costly but so so lovely.

  3. Beautiful collection! Seems to be a one in a million collection.


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