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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Perfect New Year's Combination: JewelMint's Petit Coeur Necklace + ShoeMint's Edith in Blush (Refashioned)!

Two of the best things in the entire world: jewelry + shoes! I got some Mint-Spiration from Cher Coulter's jewelry and shoe creation from this StyleCaster photoshoot with Kate Bosworth as seen here!

As you can see, I've refashioned JewelMint's Petite Coeur Necklace by adding it as a cute little charm on the buckle of my brand new ShoeMint Edith's in Blush Suede!

Check out the rest of the photos and a review of ShoeMint's Edith in Blush (Refashioned) over at Shoes+Mints!

xoxo, Lily

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