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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confirmed! JewelMint Selling on eBay!

Photo: eBay

Yep, it's true. Last night I was searching for some older pieces on eBay when I came across a few listings with "Official JewelMint Account" in their tittles. My first thought was: Someone is pretending to be JewelMint on eBay? After clicking on the listing I realized that "yeah, this really has to be JewelMint selling on eBay."

Besides skepticism being a first reaction, I think that this is a great opportunity for non-members to get their hands on some older pieces from JewelMint. For example, the Oyster Earrings are sold-out on JewelMint.com, but are now available (there are 4 left) on JewelMint's official eBay Account.

I contacted JewelMint today to confirm that "JewelMintOfficial" is really JewelMint. It is!

According to the representative I spoke with, this is JewelMint's way of testing out some other options for everyone (including non-members) to snag some of their popular and older pieces.

But is JewelMint selling on eBay tacky?

No way. I mean, not these days. For example...think Drugstore.com or BlueFly.com! Both of these sites plus a handful of other fashion brands sell on eBay now. Why not JewelMint? All their items are a fixed price of $29.99 plus free shipping. I think it may only be looked at as tacky if they go the auction route, which clearly they are not.

Another plus of buying JewelMint on eBay directly from JewelMint's account?

EBay Bucks. It's free to sign up for this cash back program that "lets you earn eBay Bucks on qualifying purchases. You can redeem them when you make future eBay purchases—and continue earning while using your eBay Bucks certificate."

Cash back, an opportunity to purchase JewelMint as a non-member, and a way to snag older, rare, and in some cases, sold out JewelMint pieces? Why not?

Now this also begs the question if this is a replacement for the Exclusive Reserves?

While nothing seems to be set in stone, this seems to be an option or just an extension of the reserves supply. I'm thinking this is way to go! Many retailers offer "last call" merchandise on eBay and it wouldn't bother me at all if JewelMint releases these "reserve" pieces on eBay. While some may beg to differ on the "I've been a JewelMint member longer than you and deserve first dibs" debate, it couldn't bother me less (and I've been a member since almost the beginning of time along with many of you). Whatever JewelMint decides to do, let's hope it remains consistent.

xoxo, Lily

So tell me, if the piece is right, will you be purchasing items on eBay from JewelMint's Official eBay account anytime soon? Is it a good idea or do you think it's tacky? What are your thoughts on the exclusive reserves being offered on eBay? Let's chat about it in the comments section of this post!


  1. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, this opens up JM to people who maybe just want one piece, not a monthly membership. It also cuts into some the business of buying in demand pieces and selling them on ebay for a profit. (Despite JM's best attempts, several people did this with the exclusive reserves sale.)

    On the other hand, this takes away (or even diminishes) the "exclusive" aspect they've been selling from the beginning. They've also sold JM as a monthly membership program that you can opt out of at any time. The eBay store conflicts with that. Yes, Drugstore.com and Bluefly.com sell on eBay...but they weren't established as as "of the month" club.

    I guess this will be an interesting experiment to watch!

  2. I agree Kavita! I like it for the not having to have a subscription and that you can also earn ebay bucks from your purchase.


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