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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free with Purchase! Travel in Style with JewelMint's New TravelMint Jewelry Wallet

Get JewelMint's new TravelMint Jewelry Wallet in Black with any purchase using Promo Code: TRAVELER

Simply add the case and any other piece to your cart and enter the promo code to receive the discount!

Description: "For the fashionista on the go, our sueded jewelry roll includes a large interior pouch, three mediums zip pockets, and a padded ring bar with snap closures. Available in black and cocoa mauve, the color-block design gives organization a chic twist. This must-have case measures 13 ¼” L x 8”W and features man-made materials."

Looks as though the wallet is only available in black for now, but I'm super curious if the Mauve Cocoa wallet will have gold hardware - I'm totally hoping it does!

The announcement of the new Jewelry wallet came today via JewelMint's Twitter account:

Will you be picking up a free TravelMint wallet for today's promo? Or, will you be waiting until the Cocoa Mauve shade is released?

xoxo, Lily
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  1. I wonder if the cocoa mauve is actually the color of the zipper accents on the inside? I say this because yesterday the item description said "available in black and cocoa mauve or deep mint and teal blue" which made it sound like two different wallets with the second color being the accent color. I tweeted JM to ask when the deep mint and teal blue would be released, and instead of answering they appear to have edited it out of the product description altogether. Hmm.

  2. i'm wondering if this deal can only be used with certain items? also is it over, because i tried different items and none of the codes work?


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