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Sunday, January 1, 2012

JewelMint + JGOOD Collections: Blushing Gold

Photos: JewelMint + JGOOD

1. JewelMint Gypsy Queen Necklace, $29.99
2. JewelMint Sorbet Sixties Bangles, $29.99
3. JGOOD Modern Armor Gold Chain Necklace, $34
4. JGOOD Stunning CZ Diamond Gold Enhancer Necklace, $24
5. JewelMint Gold Rush Earrings, $29.99
6. JGOOD Twisted Gold Charm Earrings, $10
7. JGOOD Modern Armor Gold Chain Earrings, $12
8. JewelMint June Collection Gold Madison Avenue Ring, $29.99
9. JGOOD Snake Multi-Strand Rose Gold Necklace, $80
10. JGOOD Solitaire Princess Gold Cocktail Ring, $19
12. JewelMint Mod Moons Bracelet, $29.99
13. JewelMint Houdini Bracelets, $29.99
14. JewelMint Revolution Rings $29.99
15. JGOOD Simple CZ Gold Band, $16

Just for joining: Get $5 in free credits/points just for joining. Use your 5 free credits towards one of four free vault pieces (shipping price not included) or use it towards $5 off your purchase!

JGOOD Promo Code: Get 30% off your order of $35 or more + free shipping using Promo Code: JEWELS30  
Promo Code Details: Valid through 6/2/12. Valid for new and existing JGOOD members. Membership is free.

xoxo, Lily
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