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Sunday, January 22, 2012

JewelMint Mail: Get the Look of Love at up to 25% OFF | Trend Report

Photo: JewelMint

It's back! JewelMint's Trend Report was a weekly email that would be chock-full of promo codes and other fun tidbits and fashion ideas. The last one we saw from JM was back on November 20th of last year. Let's hope they keep on coming again on a weekly basis! Here's a recap of all goods:
  • JewelMint's Style Diary blog is no more - well, sorta. JewelMint's new blog has made the move over to Tumblr and the "Style Diary" title is history. I do love the fresh new look though! Check it out here.
  • JewelMint's new video "The Look" featuring Kate Bosworth has been released. Get 15% off any piece featured in the video using Promo Code: KATE15. Watch the video below!
  • Get 25% off the City of Love Set (Parisian Dream Earrings and Lady Luck Rings) using Promo Code: CITY25 or the Blushing Romance Set (Midas Silver Touch Ring and Mystic Falls Returns Earrings) using Promo Code: BLRO20
  • Get 15% off the Heart of Clove Bracelet using Promo Code: CLOVE15
  • Lastly, get 15% of the Lucky Charms Pin using Promo Code: LUCK15

xoxo, Lily
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