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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Even More JewelMint Sneak Peeks! Kate Bosworth for Elle Korea: February 2012

Kate Bosworth is gracing the cover of Elle Korea February 2012 wearing pieces from both JewelMint past, present, and future! Thank goodness for website translators! :)

While some pieces are hard to see, you can definitely tell that they look cute even from a distance. I think I'm most excited about the yellow earrings and the ring in the third photo from the top!

Check 'em out...

Flabella Earrings?

Parisian Dream Earrings

Forever Audrey Earrings

 Photos: Elle Korea

How many sneak peeks do you spy???

I counted 6 possibilities, not including the already released Parisian Dream Earrings - January 2012, Forever Audrey Earrings - recent re-release, and what looks to be the Flabella Earrings - January 2012.

I'm also having a hard time trying to determine if the ring in the last photo is the Starburst Ring or not? To me the ring in the photo looks silver, but the Starburst is gold. Looks like this one is anyone's call!

What are your thoughts on any of the pieces featured in this month's Elle Korea? Any of these sneak peeks catch your eye?

xoxo, Lily
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  1. I'm in love with the yellow earrings!

  2. Thanks for posting these potential sittings! Whether they are Jewelmint or not they are lovely.


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