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Monday, March 12, 2012

JewelMint's Modern Love Friendship Bracelets Update!

Modern Love Friendship Bracelets (updated photo)
Modern Love Friendship Bracelets (original photo)
Photos: JewelMint

As we mentioned last week, JewelMint's Modern Love February 2012 Friendship Bracelets were arriving with a purplish plum hued bracelet in place of the blush (as originally featured on JewelMint.com).

Since then, JewelMint has replaced the photo with an updated stock photo that now showcases the purple bracelet instead. However, the description still says "blush". A special thanks to Sherry for pointing out the change on the site!

So the final verdict? It seems as if the blush bracelet is out, and the purple is in. Let's just hope they actually are able to make the blush tone available in a future set - I'm still dying to own it!

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xoxo, Lily
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