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Sunday, March 4, 2012

JewelMint's New Dream Weaver Earrings + Urban Tribe Necklace!

Earlier today, we received JewelMint Mail regarding new promo codes for both new and existing members. Within these emails were two new March pieces from JewelMint that we've mentioned here before...JewelMint's new Dream Weaver Earrings and Urban Tribe Necklace! In the same link, you can see the sneak peek screen shot of the Urban Tribe Necklace as seen in Kate's new JewelMint short film titled Mistaken for Strangers.

While both still have yet to be released, our fingers are crossed to see them become available sometime today!

Here are the details...

Photos & Videos: JewelMint

Dream Weaver Earrings
(above) - Click here to find them on JewelMint.com
Description: Transition to a season of ethereal elegance with this dreamy pair. Metal beads wrapped in pale pink and silver thread hold delicately to a mother of pearl horn-shaped pendant. 3 ¼” of pure glamour, let the chic edge of this statement duo capture all your glamour and let it shine.

Urban Tribe Necklace
(above) - Click here to find this on JewelMint.com
Description: Take the tribal craze from high fashion to the high street in this eclectic, mixed material necklace. Brass oxidized plating, red and blue enamel, textured beads, and long triangular pendants infuse any outfit with neo-nomadic attitude. Join the new culture clan with this exotic beauty, measuring 20”, and embrace new borders with world traveler style.

I'll follow up with a new post as soon as they are available for sale!

JewelMint's Dream Weaver Earrings: Product Page
JewelMint's Urban Tribe Necklace: Product Page

xoxo, Lily
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