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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate Bosworth Shares Sneak Peek Photo of JewelMint's Silver Beaded Strap Clutch - Coming April 2012!

 Photo: Kate Bosworth - WhoSay

Lately, Kate has been spotted non-stop with her new envelope clutches that are set to be released next month (April 2012). She's been seen here, here, and here with the gold envelope clutch. Meanwhile, Cher Coulter recently shared two photos of the silver clutch with a beaded strap over on Tumblr as seen as seen in this post here and seen in this photo below...

Photo: Cher Coulter - Tumblr

While I'm loving the concept of the two envelope clutches and the addition of a beaded strap, I can't stop wondering about this third mystery clutch in another photo also released last week by Cher Coulter...

This clutch reminds me so much of the Sierra Bracelet! I'm really hoping this clutch will be available in April as well! I'll be looking forward to getting my hands on both this one and the silver clutch as soon as they're both for sale.

Actually, I have a super cute and fun idea in mind for the silver clutch that I'll have to try out as soon as I get my hands on one! I'll then share with you guys as soon as I can. :)

Will you be purchasing JewelMint's new handbags when they debut next month? If so, which ones?

xoxo, Lily
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