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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop Going Crazy Searching For Available JewelMint Pieces!!!

Photo: JewelMint

First off, I'd like to give a super huge thanks to Emily for sending me an email requesting this be feature be added to my blog! Emily suggested that each week I post a current JewelMint availability list with links to each item's JewelMint website page and JewelMint's Facebook Shop.

This is seriously such an awesome idea being that JewelMint doesn't always show all the available pieces on their site, nor do they include links to both their Website & Facebook Shops...

Therefore, each and every Wednesday (from hereon out) I will be posting a weekly updated post right here on Jewels+Mints dedicated to all the current pieces, sets, etc. that are currently available from JewelMint! Additionally, I will be adding a direct link to this list in the upper-right sidebar under 'Featured Links' and in the drop-down navigation menu for easy access!

Here's this weeks list that is viewable in the Jewels+Mints Forum:

JewelMint Product Availability List - 3/8/12


xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!


  1. great idea, their site is such a pain. why don't they show everything that's available anyway?

  2. That's a great question - it seems as though the site only sometimes shows all the monthly collection pieces. Other times, you may add items only to find that they don't show up. It's exhausting searching for pieces especially since they have a few different online shops (i.e. JewelMint.com and the Facebook Shop). Emily definitely had a great idea with this one!

    P.S. Love your name! :)


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