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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JewelMint's April 2012 Collection: The Showroom & Your Purchases!

Photos: JewelMint

Another super huge thanks to everyone who joined us this past Saturday Night for the April Mints Collection Party, Giveaways, and to celebrate Jewels+Mints 1-Year Anniversary! It's always so much fun getting to chat with all of you about everything from your favorite pieces to late-night food runs! :)

Congratulations again to the following winners of the night! Both of these lucky ladies won a JewelMint piece of their choice: Corrine H. & Beverly P.

Now that a couple days have passed and we've recovered from our weekend shopping sprees, I'm curious as to which pieces you've purchase this month so far!

This was hard for me to decide, but my top 5 picks of the month include the following:

I was on the fence about the Lioness Bracelet, but it sold out before I could make up my mind. Like all previous JewelMint months, there is always one piece that seems to be originally introduced in limited quantities, but will be re-released again later in the month. I believe this to be one of JewelMint's marketing strategies to create more hype. The only other reasons for a quick month sell-out includes issues with production (i.e. Indio Earrings, Ludlow Rings, etc.) So if you missed out, I wouldn't fret - it should be back soon just like the Atlantis Pendant from last month's collection!

I also want to love the Plume Paradise Earrings, but after purchasing the Wing It Earrings, I'm a little nervous purchasing anything with feathers. There was at least an inch difference in length between the two earrings I received, and one earring was fuller than the other. I was able to fix it though by trimming the feathers myself, but I would have loved to have both earrings equal in fullness and length. The champagne color of the beads are gorgeous though so I wasn't totally disappointed with them. As for Plume Paradise, I'll be waiting to hear some feedback about them before finally deciding...

So now that you've had some time to place your orders, which pieces have you purchased so far?

xoxo, Lily
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