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Saturday, April 30, 2011

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace Review with Juicy Couture and Modcloth styling ideas!

To be honest with you, this necklace had originally caught my eye but I waited a little while before I finally bit the bullet and purchased it before it sold out. Now, I can't imagine the thought of not having this necklace in my collection!

While I was filming the video, I realized how awesome this necklace would look backwards! After trying it on, I'm beyond obsessed with the idea of pretty much wearing it backwards all the time now. I still love the pearls and details on the front, but when it's worn backwards it has a more rustic feel to it, a little more casual than the front. So in all reality, it is two necklaces in one!

Flower Power Necklace
This white lacquer necklace features smoothe white beads, a cute butterfly charm, and a floral pendant. An ultimate statement in hippie luxe, layer this piece over a tank and jeans for those stylish off-duty days.

Wear this with: a cream-colored flowy dress.
Perfect for: lounging at the beach.
Inspired by: warm summer days.

As you will see in my video review (below), I've paired this necklace with my ivory Cake From Scratch Dress from ModCloth and my lovely Juicy Couture Princess Stud Earrings in Gold. Here's my polyvore set of my outfit!

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace Set 1

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace Set 1 by jewelsandmints.com

Please "like" me (jewelsandmints.com) on Polyvore to have access to all my past and future sets for my reviews!

Here's my mini video review of my JewelMint Flower Power Necklace!


  1. Hey Lily! I just tried my Flower Power on backwards like you suggested and you're right--it is really cute & casual! Good idea :) The problem I have with my Flower Power is that the sides (especially the side with the "eye") keep flipping over to be backwards and don't lay flat :( Does yours do this? Obviously I can't return it now because its sold out, and its not THAT big of a problem haha

  2. I wanted this necklace so bad but it sold out before I got to it

  3. Hope it comes back,it's really beautiful,need to get one!

  4. Megan, mine does the same thing. I think it is because if you notice it is the only little charm that has a brass jewelry loop near the corner embellishment and when looking at mine, the pearl circle above it needs to have a matching loop on top of it that the other one has. Do you see what I'm referring to? I'll probably get some of those tiny jewelry brass loops from the craft store. Odd thing is, it doesn't seem to twist when I have it on backwards. I'm happy you also like how this looks reversed!

    Kristyn and Mari, hopefully they will bring this one back eventually too! Fingers crossed :-)


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