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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JewelMint's Bossa Nova Earrings, Rio Bravo Earrings, Versailles Earrings: Back in Stock!


Photo: Jewelmint

Rio Bravo Earrings, Bossa Nova Earrings, and Versailles Earrings are back in stock as of early this morning. The Bossa Nova Earrings and Versailles Earrings are currently listed as "Almost Sold Out", and will probably quickly sell out. Click here to see up-close photos of my Versailles Earrings!

I'm curious to see it JewelMint will be releasing any more restocks before the 1st? It should be interesting to see if this happens as last month a bunch of new items were released just days before the June 1st collection arrived!! Fingers crossed. :D

 xoxo, Lily

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