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Friday, June 3, 2011

JewelMint's Bring It Back App: Round 2 - The Sweetheart vs. The Setting Sun

Photos: JewelMint

JewelMint's Facebook Bring It Back App was such a close race!! At one point, the Sweetheart Ring and Setting Sun Necklace were neck and neck with 21% of the votes (each). Setting Sun fans weren't having this and amped up their voting to eventually win the overall vote!

I'm personally a little torn here. I'm absolutely thrilled to see the Setting Sun make a comeback, it's a necklace I don't own as of yet, and I've totally been rooting for it. However, as you can see in this post here, I was really wishing for a tie between the Sweetheart and Setting Sun.

As you can tell, my blogs header is of the Sweetheart Ring - an absolute favorite of mine. The Sweetheart Ring embodies everything I love about JewelMint! While I would have loved for everyone who missed out on this ring to be able to purchase it again, I'm thinking JewelMint may still be bringing this back eventually due to the waitlist option featured on the product page. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

Will you be purchasing the Setting Sun when it comes back in stock??? How will you be styling it??

xoxo, Lily

1 comment:

  1. I will be ordering the necklace but i really wanted the sweetheart ring to win. I am just glad there is a waitlist,so it has to come back sometime :)


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